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Klaros Group Team Grows

2021 has been a busy year for Klaros as financial services companies of all kinds have worked to adjust to the “new normal” of a fully digitized financial world and the shifting winds of public policy and regulation in Washington. In the midst of all this activity, we were joined by six new Klaros team members: Christina Hunt-Fuhr, Paul Marker, Deborah Wiezman, Jennie Martinez, Jared Dallas, and Kadianne Roberts. Their combined experience and skills have helped us to accelerate the growth of our advisory business throughout the second half of 2021, deepening our bench and broadening our service offerings. It’s high time we gave them the credit they deserve!

Christina Hunt-Fuhr (Director) joined us from Green Dot Corporation, where she led the company’s compliance and regulatory affairs functions for almost a decade as the company grew from a relatively simple provider of general purpose reloadable prepaid debit cards to a leading provider of banking as a service. Before joining Green Dot, she led regulatory risk management and regulatory relations functions for Capital Source Bank and IndyMac Bancorp, respectively. Christina started her career at the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, where she rose to become a senior bank examiner. At Klaros, Christina’s work to date has involved her in a range of problems spanning enforcement action compliance, enterprise risk management, compliance program review and enhancement, and policy development.

Paul Marker (Director) joined us from Wells Fargo where he implemented and managed the regulatory compliance program for Wells Fargo Public Affairs, including Social Impact & Sustainability, Community Reinvestment Act, and Government Relations & Public Policy. Prior to joining Wells Fargo, Paul was an Engagement Director at Treliant, where he advised clients on a range of risk and compliance topics including consumer protection, mortgage servicing, internal control evaluations, risk assessments, and loan portfolio analysis. At Klaros, he’s helping clients prepare for and respond to regulatory examinations, strengthening regulatory compliance programs, and developing and implementing risk assessment programs.

Debora Wiezman (Principal) joined us from Conway MacKenzie, where she provided turnaround and restructuring advisory services to entities in financial distress. She previously worked in the Credit department of Goldman Sachs where she performed financial analysis across all Latin American corporates and North American companies in the oil & gas, chemicals, metals & mining, and power sectors. At Klaros, Debora is helping with a wide range of financial analysis projects and tasks, assisting clients with building financial models and projections, evaluating investment opportunities, and helping to manage a variety of client engagements.

Jennie Martinez (Principal) joined Klaros from the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, where she spent the last six years as a bank examiner, following a number of years in bank operations at Chase. During the course of her Federal Reserve career, Jennie led and participated in a wide range of bank examinations, spanning both prudential and compliance issues. At Klaros, she is helping clients to identify, evaluate, and manage potential supervisory issues, assisting with the organization and execution of complex engagements.

Jared Dallas (Analyst) joined Klaros immediately following his graduation from Johns Hopkins, where he studied financial economics and was a member of the investment banking group at the Carey School of Business. In the course of his undergraduate career, Jared also spent time as an analyst at CommonWealth Financial Planning, a financial advisory firm.

At Klaros, Jared is performing both qualitative and quantitative economic research, performing data analysis and developing data visualizations, in support of both our business operations and a variety of client engagements.

Kadianne Roberts (Executive Assistant) joined us from The Grove Resort, where she had been a sales manager, working with Fortune 500 companies to plan and execute large scale meetings and events, developing sales plans, establishing partnerships and leading market research initiatives. At Klaros, she provides all kinds of administrative and operational support.

All six of these additions have hit the ground running at Klaros, immediately establishing themselves as strong professionals and outstanding colleagues. They love the kind of work we do and the way we do it. Their capabilities and contributions are making Klaros not just bigger but better, able to support a growing range of client needs at a high level of service and professionalism.

As we look toward 2022, with a strong economy, continuing investor interest in the fintech sector, and new directions out of Washington, we see a bright future for the kind of firm we are building: a firm of deeply knowledgeable professionals committed to integrity, professionalism, and excited about the future of financial services. We’re always interested in meeting potential additions to our team, so if Klaros sounds like a firm you’d like to be a part of, drop us a note at


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