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Welcome Tracy Basinger

We’re thrilled to welcome Tracy Basinger to Klaros as a senior advisor. As the former head of supervision at the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, Tracy brings Klaros added depth in bank supervision and deep knowledge of the Federal Reserve system.

At the SF Fed Tracy focused on the impact of financial services on everyday citizens. Her supervisory experience includes leading the SF Fed’s consumer protection efforts, overseeing a nationwide team considering policy solutions for small businesses suffering during the COVID-19 crisis, and - apropos of the SF Fed’s proximity to Silicon Valley - building a team of fintech analysts to study market developments from a supervisory perspective. Throughout her supervisory career, Tracy thought long and hard about the role of public policy, regulation, and technology in promoting a more inclusive financial system, motivated by the idea that appropriately designed innovation, including strong risk management and consumer protections, can benefit consumers, small business, and society at large.

Tracy is also a leading thinker on the impact of climate change on financial institutions. As the fires and floods we once thought of as “extreme” weather events increasingly become the new normal, business strategies and plans must increasingly take cognizance of climate-related risks and opportunities. We look forward to tapping Tracy’s expertise to help our clients think deeply about how to anticipate and manage climate risks.


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