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Klaros Group Makes Final Round for Best Service Provider (Again!)


For the second year in a row, Klaros Group was honored to be named a finalist in the Top Service Provider category for the Fintech Nexus Industry Awards.

When we launched Klaros, my co-founders and I were fascinated by the fact that over 10,000 U.S. fintech companies existed to meet the demands of U.S. consumers for innovative financial services, every one of them needing a solution to the same question: “How can we provide banking services to our customers, prudently, in full compliance with law and regulation, when we are not a bank?”

That question remains central to almost everything we do at Klaros. Our understanding of the challenges and opportunities it presents grows deeper every day. And we’re gratified that, by drawing on that understanding, we’ve been able to build a clientele of roughly 100 companies, including fintechs whose challenges center on finding or maintaining bank partnerships, fintechs seeking to obtain banking licenses by acquisition or de novo application, fintechs that have actually succeeded in obtaining banking licenses, and - increasingly - banks of all sizes working to manage the risks of their fintech partnerships, build banking-as-a-service offerings and address other regulatory challenges.

To serve these clients, we’ve assembled a multidisciplinary team of partners and senior advisors with a shared commitment to the highest standards of professionalism and client service, and a shared belief that by combining those standards with deep domain expertise and singular focus, Klaros can make an important contribution to the financial services landscape.

Klaros believes that the future of financial services belongs to those who innovate responsibly and, indeed, that the long-term health of our markets for financial products and services requires innovation, prudence, and close attention to consumer welfare - reinforced by effective regulation and supervision. In serving our clients, we seek to build a stronger, safer, and more competitive marketplace for financial products and services of all kinds.

We’re grateful to Fintech Nexus for their longstanding commitment to the industry and for recognizing Klaros for the second year in a row. While we once again failed to take the top prize, we take it as a huge vote of confidence that our fellow finalists are, once again, far larger and more established companies. It’s hard to believe that just three years post-launch, we’re in the company of such industry stalwarts as Experian and, this year’s winner, Brighterion, a Mastercard Company. We’re punching way above our weight, and we’re excited about our future.

P.S. If you’re curious about our work, check out co-founder Michele Alt’s discussion of bank charters or partner Jonah Crane’s discussion of crypto winter, both with Peter Renton.


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