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Klaros Group Kudos

On Tuesday, Dec. 21, LendIt fintech announced finalists for the 5th annual LendIt Fintech Industry Awards to celebrate the top fintech influencers and innovators across 14 categories. Klaros Group is honored to have been named one of six finalists in the Service Provider category, which honors “the service providers, law firms, accountants, trusts, etc., that have demonstrated deep expertise, unique value, strong ROI, commitment to clients, and the fostering of a deeper understanding of fintech.”

We launched Klaros in the fall of 2019, with the vision that a group of professionals united by a common fascination with the future of financial services and committed to the highest standards of professionalism and integrity would find strong demand from clients who are trying to build and plan for that future.

Over our first two years, we’ve grown a substantial clientele of leading financial institutions and an impressive team of talented professionals with a passion for doing their best work on behalf of our clients. We’ve worked on a wide variety of issues and projects, from bank charters to payments, crypto, climate change, and enforcement action compliance. Even so, we’re humbled - and excited - to see our commitment to enabling innovation in compliance with law and regulation recognized alongside firms that are so much larger and more established.

Thank you, Lendit!

P.S. If you’re curious about our work, check out co-founder Michele Alt’s conversation with Peter Renton.

P.P.S. If you think you might be a fit for our team, drop a line to We’re growing.


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