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Credit Unions Must Innovate to Avoid Extinction


The number of credit unions is declining at a frightening rate, shrinking over 15% in the past five years. Credit unions also are facing a coming generational storm with aging membership and less trust and loyalty to credit unions among younger generations.

This is a problem because credit unions play a critical role in the American financial services landscape, particularly when it comes to financial inclusion. As not-for-profit organizations rooted in particular communities and industries, credit unions have helped to make financial services and financial education available, particularly to those new to banking.

While the current trend is worrisome, I firmly believe credit unions can continue to play an important role in America’s financial landscape by re-orienting their focus to include the digital products and services that consumers of all stripes expect today.

Thanks to CUInsight for the opportunity to share some thoughts about how a commitment to digital transformation can save credit unions before it’s too late:

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