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Congratulations Michele!

Congratulations to my colleague, Klaros partner and co-founder Michele Alt, on being named an Inspiring Fintech Female of 2021 by NYC FinTech Women! This is well-deserved recognition.

Michele is a role model for all of us at Klaros, and her work on behalf of women across the industry inspires us all to look for opportunities to make financial technology more representative. Michele leads by example, representing women in financial services by publishing and speaking at professional conferences, and goes out of her way to create similar opportunities for other women.

At Klaros and in her two-plus decades at the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency Michele has strongly and consistently advocated for her female employees and colleagues, calling out their brilliant ideas and making sure their voices are heard. She has mentored dozens of women seeking to succeed in financial services, sharing her experience of working her way up in the field and coaching her mentees to follow their own career paths. Michele frequently counsels her fintech clients to expand their board and senior executive ranks to include more women and refers qualified candidates from her large professional network for these opportunities. And, she’s challenged industry leaders, conference organizers and others, to make a conscious commitment to equality, including not just women but other diverse voices as well. We’re all proud of the work she’s doing to make our industry more inclusive. Congratulations Michele!

On behalf of Klaros, I would also like to recognize the tremendous impact that NYC FinTech Women has had in just a few short years. I have known co-founder Sasha Pilch since 2017, the year NYC FinTech Women started. With over 7,000 members, including several Klaros colleagues and alumni, I have seen the power of this growing community first-hand. More talented women work in fintech today, and those who do feel more supported and empowered, because of your efforts. We all owe you a debt of gratitude. Thank you NYC FinTech Women for all you do for our industry!


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