Azul Modak | Principal

Azul Modak was born and raised in Mexico City. She joined Klaros right after graduating from her MBA at Columbia Business School. During her summer internship, Azul worked at Deutsche Bank, where she analyzed business opportunities in the Financial Institutions and Industrials Groups. She found her passion for Fintech companies and decided to further explore the tech side by interning at Metaprop Ventures, a VC firm specialized in proptech companies. Prior to Columbia, Azul specialized in ETFs. She opened Quanta Shares, the asset management arm of Intercam Group in Mexico, where she structured, launched, and managed the first currency ETFs in Latin America, which rapidly became the second and third most traded ETFs in the country. Azul became a key player in the modifications of the Mexican Miscellaneous Tax Resolutions in 2015. Azul started her career at Evercore Partners Mexico, where she designed and operated the first leveraged ETFs portfolio in Latin America. To complement her knowledge in Asset management, Azul also specialized in tailored structured notes of various asset classes and in trading interest rate swaps, derivatives, FX futures, and risk-free bonds. Azul received her B.Sc. in Applied Mathematics (Actuarial Sciences) from Universidad Anahuac, in Mexico City.


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